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Leadership Committee


The Commission on Colleges requires that institutions establish a Leadership Team to manage and validate the internal institutional assessment of compliance with all Core Requirements and Comprehensive Standards. The team should include individuals who have the skills, knowledge, and authority to lead in this total institutional effort. The team should not be large, but its membership should include the chief executive officer, the chief academic officer, the accreditation liaison, and a representative faculty member.

The responsibilities of the Leadership Team include, but are not limited to:

•   Coordinating and managing the internal review process, including developing the structure and timelines for ensuring the timely completion of all tasks and attending the orientation session conducted by the Commission on Colleges. The orientation session is limited to four people from each institution and the institution's finance officer.

•   Overseeing the institutional review of the extent of compliance with the Principles of Accreditation and the documentation of evidence supporting the extent of compliance.

•   Developing the Focused Report, if the institution so chooses.

•   Overseeing the development of the QEP.

•   Ensuring that the institutional community is engaged in the review process and is informed of the progress of the review.

•   Overseeing arrangements for the on-site visit.

•   Ensuring that the appropriate follow-up activities are in place to address compliance issues and to monitor the progress of the QEP.

(Source: SACS Handbook for Reaffirmation of Accreditation)


James F. Gaertner President (Chair)
David E. Payne Provost (Co-Chair)
Mitchell J. Muehsam SACS Liaison
Marcus Gillespie QEP Director
Rita Caso Director, Institutional Research
Debra Price Faculty Representative
Keri Rogers Associate Dean, COAS; Director FYE
Heather Crowson VP Enrollment Management
Keith Jenkins Associate VP for Student Services
Jack Parker VP for Finance and Operations
Bobby Williams Director, Athletics
Meeting Minutes
2/8/2006 4/17/2008 6/25/2008
9/13/2006 5/1/2008 7/3/2008
8/10/2007 5/8/2008 7/10/2008
3/5/2008 5/29/2008 7/17/2008
3/20/2008 6/12/2008 7/24/2008
4/3/2008 6/19/2008 7/29/2008 (tentative)


Compliance Committee

Mitchell J. Muehsam SACS Liaison (Chair)
Mark Adams Associate VP for Information Resources
Leroy Ashorn Associate Dean, COBA
Laura Burleson Faculty Representative, CHSS
Rita Caso Director, Institutional Research
Doug Constance Faculty Representative, CHSS
Nina Cushman Computer Systems Coordinator II
Richard Eglsaer Associate VP for Academic Affairs
Kathy Gilcrease Assistant to the President for Operations
Jacque Gilliam Associate VP for Finance and Operations
Jon Gray Faculty Representative, COE
Jaimie Hebert Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Ann Holder Director, Newton Gresham Library
Nancy Ilfrey Coordinator, Student Retention
R. Dean Lewis NCAA Faculty Representative, Dean, COBA
Julia May Assistant Director of Public Relations
Philip Morris Faculty Representative, COBA
Janet Mullings Associate Dean, COCJ
Mary Nichter Faculty Representative, COE
Scott Plugge Faculty Representative, COAS
Daughnn Pruitt Associate Dean of Students
Teresa Ringo Registrar
Karen Smith Associate Dean, COE
Lisa Tatom Director, Financial Aid
Kandi Tayebi Associate Dean, CHSS
Chris Thompson Assistant Athletic Director
Cindy Truax Director, Development for Annual Giving
Meeting Minutes
2/15/2006 12/4/2006 4/23/2007
2/16/2006 12/14/2006 5/15/2007
3/3/2006 1/9/2007 5/22/2007
3/24/2006 1/22/2007 11/20/2007
4/7/2006 1/24/2007 12/13/2007
5/5/2006 2/14/2007 1/28/2008
6/2/2006 3/1/2007  
7/18/2006 3/22/2007  
9/11/2006 4/3/2007  


QEP Committee

Maria Busby Assistant Registrar
Rita Caso Director, Institutional Research and Assessment
Frank Fair Professor of Philosophy
Mark Frank Associate Professor of Economics
Marcus Gillespie Associate Professor of Geology
Marsha Harman Professor of Psychology
Joan Maier Associate Professor of Education
Daughn Pruitt Associate Dean of Students
Mary Robbins Professor of Education
Keri Rogers Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Mike Vaughn Professor of Criminal Justice
Meeting Minutes/Notes
2/26/2008 4/1/2008 4/29/2008
3/4/2008 4/8/2008 5/13/2008
3/18/2008 4/22/2008 8/7/2008




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