Faculty Credentials

Faculty rosters are provided for all faculty of record for each semester (fall, spring, summer I, and summer II) of the 2007-2008 academic year. Within each semester is a link to each of the University's 29 academic departments as well as three links for faculty teaching courses that are not necessarily related to a specific academic discipline (honors, military science, and university-wide).

Within each area is a listing of every faculty member who taught at least one course within that unit during the specified semester. The roster contains links to the course description provided in the catalog, the course syllabus, and a short vita for the faculty member. Some courses, by the nature of the course (e.g. thesis course), will not have a syllabus. For these courses, the syllabus link will open to a message indicating the course does not have a syllabus.

A faculty member who is teaching courses in more than one disciplinary area will have a roster in each unit in which he/she teaching. The entire list of courses taught by the faculty member is provided, not just the courses within that unit.

The "University-wide" group contains faculty members who teach the freshman seminar course (SAM 136). The "Military Science" group contains the army officers assigned to lead the Army ROTC program.

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