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2.4 Institutional Mission

The institution has a clearly defined, comprehensive, and published mission statement that is specific to the institution and appropriate for higher education. The mission addresses teaching and learning and, where applicable, research and public service. (Institutional Mission)

Judgment of Compliance

Sam Houston State University has a clearly defined mission statement that addresses teaching, learning, research, and public service. This mission statement has been approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and The Texas State University System Board of Regents[1] [2].  The mission statement is published in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs [3] [4], Student Guidelines [5], and referenced in the Faculty Handbook[6].  The mission statement addresses the institutions responsibilities to teaching, research, and service as mandated by the Texas Education Code, Section 61.0511 [7]. The mission is specific to SHSU and is consistent with a Master's L Carnegie Classification university classification [8] [9].

The mission statement declares that “Sam Houston State University is a multicultural institution whose mission is to provide excellence by continually improving quality education, scholarship, and service to its students and to appropriate regional, state, national, and international constituencies.” Based on this mission, the University is committed to:

  • Promoting students’ intellectual, social, ethical, and leadership growth.
  • Recruiting and retaining qualified, dedicated faculty and support staff.
  • Recruiting and retaining qualified, motivated students.
  • Providing the necessary library and other facilities to support quality instruction, research, and public service.
  • Providing an educational environment that encourages systematic inquiry and research.
  • Promoting and supporting diversity and providing for equitable opportunities for minorities.
  • Offering a wide range of academic studies in pre-professional, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs.  
  • Collaborating with other universities, institutions, and constituencies.
  • Providing instructional research and public service through distance learning and technology.

As mandated by Texas Education Code, Section 61.051(e), Sam Houston State University reviews its mission statement every four years [10]. Final authority for approving changes to the mission statement rests with The Texas State University System Board of Regents and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board last approved the mission statement on January 27, 2005.  The next review period is scheduled for the 2008-2009 academic year [11].

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