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4.6 Recruitment materials

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies. (Recruitment materials)

Judgment of Compliance

Sam Houston State University’s recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the University’s practices and policies. All recruitment pieces are updated regularly (biennially for catalogs, annually for other printed materials, and frequently throughout the year for online information), ensuring that materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.

The primary recruitment pieces disseminated to prospective students through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions include:

• "Who is a Bearkat?" Booklet containing information about Sam Houston State University [1]
• Undergraduate Catalog [2]
• New Student Brochure - "Who is a Bearkat?" [3]
• Transfer Student Guide [4]

In addition, applications and information detailed in these publications are available to prospective students at the Sam Houston State University's website. The University also offers prospective students an opportunity to create a personalized webpage tailored for each prospective freshman or transfer student entitled “mySammyPage” [5]. Based on the unique interests of each prospective student, this password protected webpage provides regularly updated information on the University, including news and activities, academic majors, athletics, housing, campus visits, financial aid, the Honors Program, student organizations, recreation, and the Student Health Center. In addition to the recruitment materials described above, the University uses mass media print advertising to complement the recruitment effort.

Admissions counselors from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions travel throughout Texas continually from September through February of each academic year to recruit new students to Sam Houston State University. They participate in college fairs at which they discuss University practices and policies with prospective students and parents. They also make individual visits to public and private schools and community colleges where they meet with counselors and students who have expressed an interest in Sam Houston State University. Each semester representatives from Admissions meet with deans, directors and other academic and non-academic program representatives to discuss changes in curriculum and support and service programs within the various colleges at Sam Houston State University.

In 2007, the University officially opened the John R. Ragsdale Visitor and Alumni Center, which is the “front door” to the University [6]. It is at this building where many prospective students and their parents first make contact with the University. In addition to receiving a warm greeting in the modern reception area of the Center, prospective students have access to digital displays, computer stations and University personnel to provide basic information about the University. An informative and upbeat film about academic programs and student life is shown on multiple plasma screens in the Center’s state-of-the-art auditorium.

Guests who come to the University through the Center receive a packet containing information including full color flyer on Saturdays@Sam (the campus preview day), a campus map, a map of the City of Huntsville and information about local attractions and restaurants, and brochures from a variety of University departments with information to assist prospective students. Updated information is also offered on the Visitor Center web site Http:// [6].

On two different dates --- one during the fall semester and one during the spring semester, the Visitor Center hosts Saturdays@Sam for prospective students and their parents [7]. These campus preview days provide opportunities for tours and visit with University officials and academic administrators so that prospective students can ask questions and get an idea about the academic and cultural life at Sam Houston State University.

For students unable to travel to Huntsville, the University employs a mobile Go Center [8]. The Go Center is a 42-foot trailer that travels across Texas promoting higher education in Texas and at Sam Houston State University. The trailer was obtained through a grant awarded from the Texas Pioneer Foundation. Working closely with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the College for All Texans, the Go Center provides current college-related information and assistance to students and their families. The trailer has 17 laptop computers and a satellite for connection to the Internet. This mobile unit visits county fairs, high school athletic events, community festivals, major livestock shows, UIL music and track meets and other family oriented events. The targeted audiences are those that may not likely attend traditional college day and night programs. There are many economically disadvantaged students who do not have college-going traditions in their families. The Center provides a setting in which parents and students can feel comfortable in asking questions and receiving help in the initial process of college preparation. The Go Center provides access to important resources in college admissions as well as financial aid applications. A “career cruising” program is also available for students as a tool for career exploration and determining the education required for each career. The online questionnaire helps students match careers to their interests. Further exploration provides educational requirements and identifies colleges that offer certain degrees, and the expected wages for the chosen occupations.

The Office of Marketing under University Advancement provides assistance to Sam Houston State University colleges and departments in creating recruitment materials. This helps ensure that publications adhere to the policies and procedures regarding recruitment materials as set forth by Sam Houston State University and The Texas State University System. Recruitment materials are reviewed and approved by the appropriate college, office, or division.

The definition of a university publication and marketing communications, the objectives of university publications can be found in the policy, University Publications & Marketing Communications [9].

The University marketing objective is to identify, create, produce, and circulate materials that communicate both in form and content the quality and aspirations of the University. The department’s efforts reflect the University’s vision, priorities and goals. The department uses its expertise in marketing materials, marketing project management, and marketing measurement to increase marketing effectiveness, to create solutions, simplify the marketing process, to assure consistency and accuracy of images and messages, and lower overall marketing costs.

The Office of Marketing develops the University Marketing Plan [10]. The plan includes, but is not limited to, advertising in some or all of the major media of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor billboard, direct mail, telemarketing, and Internet. The Office creates then directs the production of print materials including brochures, DVDs, office stationary, fliers, pamphlets, magazines and Internet communications. Materials are for a variety of University entities including Undergraduate Admissions, the Alumni Associations, University Advancement activities, University colleges, University departments, University-supported activities and projects. The office publishes Heritage Magazine, the official bi-annual University magazine mailed to alumni, staff and faculty and friends. The Office of Marketing supplies resources including power point shells, banners, and photographs for maximum marketing impact.

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